• Hannah Barber

3 Tips for Navigating Online Learning

Updated: Apr 17

Considered online tutoring during these challenging times we have all landed in? My Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Zoom calls have been full of cries for help when it comes to home schooling. It's a totally new experience for everyone but hopefully I can offer some support and direction for you if you've become lost inside a google searching frenzy of home schooling help?!

I'm hoping this quick read (quick being the key word because let's face it, you're probably 5 minutes from digging deep to enthusiastically set up the next activity that will likely last less than 5 minutes) will give you some ideas and direction for the road going forward. I've included some direct links to well known resource sights for extra sanity-saving tips and tricks too.

Firstly, I'd spend some time familiarising yourself with online services. When it comes to finding online education, you'll be inundated with options and resources. Whilst this can be initially overwhelming, my advice to you would be to consider yours and your children's needs. Schools have been fantastic in providing a range of materials, some are providing live learning and others are preparing work packs which are great for maintaining structure and continuity.

'I still need to work with them' I hear you say. 'I can't get as much from them as I think I should' you're thinking to yourself. These are thoughts everyone is having. At My Learning Guide, we can work with you to support you and your children. We understand the task terminology, age group standards and with the use of our FREE Meet & Greet service, we can ensure work is tailored to support and encourage your child.

Secondly, a mix of learning styles highly benefits children. Just like school in which some learning is formal, some unstructured, some kinaesthetic and some directive, a range of practical, guided and screen lead home learning is a great use of resource and time.Check out the Home Learning Hub at Twinkl (one of hundreds of online resource providers) who have created an huge range of resources that can be used directly or adapted both in the home and with My Learning Guide. Additionally, Pinterest is packed with great practical activities suitable for all ages, it's bursting with creativity!

Finally, the biggest piece of advice I could give to you. You're better to complete one of two quality activities that produce outcomes that the children are confident doing and proud of rather than trying to battle your way through five of six. Children learn best when engaged, experiencing positive feedback and enjoying themselves.

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